Monday, July 16, 2012

F4 Bubbleyum nail polish starring glis-tics

F4 Bubbleyum nail polish over China Glaze Dancy baby
I really love F4 polishes.Bubbleyum looks great.
I just made another post wearing bubbleyum from F4 over China glaze dance baby with glis-tics. This rollerball cuticle oil is great for your purse. If you are interested in getting bubbleyum from F4 they can be found on They are also on facebook now too. You can find them at : If you are interested in getting a glis-tics you can go to :


  1. Jill makes amazing products! I have her cuticle oil in the squirt bottle and carry it everywhere!

  2. I love the bubbleyum mani! It's perfectly pink!

  3. I love her products too Anna.I have that push down bottle
    kind as well.
    Thanks umliza for the comment.