Friday, May 18, 2012

Once upon a polish's Black Swan

Once upon a polish's Black Swan I used Megan Miller's pink lily underneath Black swan for a argyle soft pink look.It makes a really neat looking argyle effect on the nails.Perfect for any color underneath.
You can use any color you wish for this neat looking effect. This topcoat is very fun.It has black and white diamond shapes.The black and white diamond shapes are in a ultra fine glitter topcoat.
This is the front of the bottle.
This is the back of the bottle.
Make sure you shake up the bottle since sometimes thicker glitters can settle to the bottom.You can also roll it back and forth to get it to fall down as well. You only need 1 coat of this over top any color you chose.I chose this pink lily by Megan Miller since it's a soft pink. I thought it would look great under "Black Swan".
I really think this topcoat is a pretty.It looks so great on my nails.
I highly recommend this polish Black swan and the lady who makes it. It has good quality,and good prices. You can check out Once upon a polish on facebook. You can also buy this color at : If you want to add some cute designs to your nails this would be a great thing to add to your nail polish collection.

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